Obedience School? Ummm…NO!

Any woman can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be a Husky Mom She's sleeping that way, so I tried to take a few photos but at this photo, she caught me 😛 Actually, she's hates being photographed! 😀 It's been along time since I blogged! I've been so busy that I … Continue reading Obedience School? Ummm…NO!


PLAY TIME ain’t over!

Last Day at the office and Eagle House Our Amara might think that she's NPA (No Permanent Address) since she'll be moving again! https://youtu.be/2Bqci_vzD14 Who's chasing Who? A bear and a husky is keep on chasing each other (hahaha) The video was after they chased each other for 30 minutes. I was curious why they … Continue reading PLAY TIME ain’t over!

Brows Up!

Miko Iso An inspiring make-up artist that will definitely make your brows up. She's my cool senior in high school. I've never seen her with a frown face, she usually cracks a joke whenever I'm seeing her. Comedian runs in her blood, she got it from her Father (I guess). We've been friends with their … Continue reading Brows Up!