Brows Up!

Miko Iso


An inspiring make-up artist that will definitely make your brows up. She’s my cool senior in high school. I’ve never seen her with a frown face, she usually cracks a joke whenever I’m seeing her. Comedian runs in her blood, she got it from her Father (I guess). We’ve been friends with their family for a long time now and they definitely show us how to make problems lighter or into laughter.


haha..yes it’s me! (Before)

Like, I’ve told you Miko Iso will make your brows up! She turned me from a pumpkin into a carriage (a fan of Cinderella movie). It was on my sister’s wedding when she did my make-up. I was so thankful to her for my brows because I could never ever do it that way. I even request to her to make me look fierce so I could look older than my sister (which I really am). Also, I asked for a  dark matte lipstick that made her ecstatic. Diamonds in her eyes, she put on her favorite shade on me (Voila! Plum shade). I super duper loved it! Without a doubt, she’ll define the perfect part of your face.


Life isn’t perfect but your make up can be!

Visit her Facebook page for more pictures of her art ( and let her do your make up 🙂

Thanks for the visit!

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