Dragon’s Nest


Life is short, smile while you have teeth 😛

She’s the woman who helped a dragon to be what she is now (Me!) My mom told me a lot of stories and my favorite one is about how they prayed to God for a child after their first born died. For them, I’m a miracle and answered prayer (not only me because they got another three kids after me). When my Dad decide to work from a far distance, my siblings and I were left to her care. I also have favorite rules that she taught us; never to take anything that is not ours, never litter and grow with God.

I was called a dragon in our family because they said I’m scary and always ready to breathe fire 😛 So, if I’m a dragon then she’s a Mama Dragon (hahaha)


I told her to smile but she gave me that pose (hahaha)

“Smile, it will either warm their heart or piss them off… Either way, you win!”

My mom’s weakness is us (her children), she loves us so dearly that she never want to accept reality that we are currently getting old like them and starting to have our own life (hahaha) She’s trying her best to accept changes but we can still see her cry from time to time whenever she’s being alone at home.

To all of us, don’t forget to always thank our Mom of her sacrifices from the start (9 months in her womb). Not everyone still have their Moms or able to be with their Moms but I know someone became a Mother image to you. So, still don’t forget to thank her 🙂 Greet them this Mother’s Day!

To all the Moms in the world, Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you Mommy…Happy Mother’s Day! May God comfort you for all the changes and give you joy as we embrace the changes 🙂



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