Commitment to Sunscreen


“Steicy did you put sunblock today?”

Famous line from a guy named JV! I actually don’t have skin care routine, I’m just washing my face in the morning and at night (that’s it!). I remember my mom keeps on telling me to use toner, cream and sunscreen because I’m not young anymore. She gave me lots of skin care products but in the end I’m just using it for like seven days?haha

Since my mom got tired of telling me to use sunscreen, another person replaced her (it’s JV!). Everyday he’s asking me if I put some sunblock, I often just smile and he knew that I didn’t :p I’m just putting sunscreen when I remember. I thought he already got tired of asking or telling me to put on sunblock but he didn’t.


“Put on the sunblock or else, you’ll be punished!”

“STEICY YOU’RE BLACK ALREADY!!!” he said with angry voice. Like I told you, he still didn’t forget to push me on putting on the sunscreen. After he visit Korea this month, he came home with Natural Sun Ice Air Puff Sunscreen and told me not to go out of the house without putting it on (hahaha). Everyday, he’s checking if I really put on the sunscreen and even our boss keep on checking it too.

Well, you’ll definitely love the product too 🙂 It’s cool and refreshing when applying the sunscreen and have a nice smell. It also feels light on the face and can be used as a touch up make-up. This product also have a clear color for men.

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