I miss you!

Play time or Meal time?

Today, we went to the vet for her 6 in 1 vaccine. She stayed for a short while at our house after the shot. Time came for her to leave and set forth with JV. I thought she’s still at the house when I was in the living room (talking with my mom). However, I remember that she’s not there anymore (JV took her). My heart crumbled!

So, I browsed my gallery and found that video. I miss the time playing with her and teaching her how to behave. She always bite things in my room or wherever she is. One of her favorite is to bite me or scratch me. At that moment, it was a sudden attack of bite from her. I was planning to take her video of biting her toy but it became a coincidence video shot of her naughtiness. At least, she shows that she was just playing on my arm and that she can follow the word stop (hahaha).

I miss her so much! Waking up early to feed her and play with her. Saying goodbye before going to work. Hugging her when I got home after work. The smile from her face and those puppy eyes whenever she jumps on me when I got home is what I can’t forget.

Since the day she transferred to the office, I got to feed her at lunch time. Play time at lunch time and after work. She still jumps on me whenever I arrived at the office (which I super love) 🙂 Her excitement to see me is putting a smile on my face.

Thanks for visiting!

Next story of Amara will be posted tomorrow 🙂

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