Let’s Run Away…Run Away with Me!


So, this is Amara’s second home (with her Father) :p We actually don’t call ourselves as Amara’s parents before but since JV and I are the owners, they called us her Father and Mother. I told JV that I want to take a video of Amara’s improved stairs climbing but he run with her (hahaha) We apologize if he doesn’t look so prepared on the video, he was already exhausted of cleaning the poop and pee 😦 They both look so adorable! Amara is teaching JV to do exercise by running everyday :p Sooner or later, JV will be lighter and fit while Amara is getting big and strong.

Go Amara!

I’m fascinated of how she likes to climb the stairs and every night after work she immediately run to JV’s room. She consider his room as her bedroom too. Whenever she run to the doors room, it means bed time (hahaha) We have different style of taking care of her, JV wants to leash her so she will not be uncomfortable of it someday, while I want her to be out of leash and free. In the end, Amara is leashed in the office from 9am to 6pm. Bed time, she should be free but I know he’s not letting her (hahaha) He plays rough with her while I play with her like a baby girl. Also, he keeps bothering Amara while she’s sleeping (I keep on scolding him not to bother he).

Don’t get me wrong! 🙂 We’re opposite or different at things but we’re happy and not fighting (hahaha)

Hurray! She knows now how to go down from the stairs.

Good Job!

(I hope you enjoyed it! Follow my blog for more! xoxo)


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