PLAY TIME ain’t over!

Last Day at the office and Eagle House

Our Amara might think that she’s NPA (No Permanent Address) since she’ll be moving again!

Who’s chasing Who?

A bear and a husky is keep on chasing each other (hahaha) The video was after they chased each other for 30 minutes. I was curious why they keep on passing at my back, and there they are looking goofy and funny 🙂

Hello! Is it me, you’re looking for?

There she goes, went up by herself! She was so curious of why no one followed her and that JV’s door is closed. She seek for us for a long time but failed to see us downstairs. I guess, she’s scared of the heights and really not looking down. She’s so cute looking out from the hallway 🙂

My childhood may be over soon, but it doesn’t mean that my PLAYTIME will not be an essential part of our daily routine anymore. – Amara

JV bought her a new toy but in just few minutes, she broke it! She keeps on destroying her toy, so I don’t know what to do with her (hahaha) She even knows hot to make me laugh than staying angry whenever she’s breaking things.

“I’ll keep on playing and bothering you at my new house!” – Amara

(Follow my blog for her new house adventure! xoxo)


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