Obedience School? Ummm…NO!

Any woman can be a mother, but it takes someone special to be a Husky Mom

2She’s sleeping that way, so I tried to take a few photos but at this photo, she caught me 😛 Actually, she’s hates being photographed! 😀

It’s been along time since I blogged! I’ve been so busy that I forgot how to spend time with my blog page. It’s truly remarkable to have Amara in our lives. She started to give us a headache (you know, A DESTROYER) I can not show and tell you what she did for JV’s sake! haha

Though she became a destroyer, there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s her nature! Everyday, I’m thinking what she’ll do next in her Father’s room.

One day, JV was annoyed when we found out that she was able to free herself from her Kennel (we just tried to put her in the Kennel when we went out for a while). Normally, she’s leashed in the room when we go out. When we arrived and entered the room we thought she scattered her poop all over the room. JV’s eyes were really scary that time (haha) So, I carefully checked the room  if it’s really her poop. Thankfully, it’s just “Povidone-Iodine” and it calmed JV for a bit. But still we decided that it’s time for her to stay at the yard to avoid bigger damages.

DSCF1846[1]-iloveimg-converted“Thank You Mom and Dad!”

We bought her a set of tennis ball to play with (or should I say to destroy?) She likes to chase the ball and playing fetch with us. On this day, she’s so happy that she wasn’t able to choose between eating her food or keep the ball between her teeth. She end up putting the ball on her food bowl and on her drink (haha) She’s still worth more than a diamond for me!

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